About Sarah Bueche

My name is Sarah Bueche. I am a 22 year old senior at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Information Technology. I am a self- proclaimed “dabbler” and I enjoy learning different fields that can influence my final career goals. From the tedious, to the complex and creative, I enjoy the challenge of being able to take a chaotic situation and turn it into a professional outcome.

Though my education I have come to understand that I am a supportive personality but, I also have a business mindset. Upon finishing my Bachelor’s in Psychology in fall of 2012, I plan to find a master’s program that will continue my education in the Industrial/ Organizational Psychology field. Also, I would like to continue to peruse working towards growing my education in the Information Technology field, as well as achieving the title of Professional of Human Resources (PHR).

By becoming an I/O Psychologist, I can peruse careers in Human Resources such as; a Human Resource generalist or a Trainer. These two career paths will be well suited to my personality, because they allow me to support people in a company, as well as have a hand in the business decisions. These paths also force me to continually learn more information in my fields – as well as field that influence mine – and will not allow me to become stagnant in my career.